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Dave MillerDavid Miller — Owner, Observatory Solutions

When I bought my first telescope, I was stargazing from my backyard in southern California. After I got tired of hauling out my scope every night, I designed and built my own telescope wedge system to permanently mount my scope. With the city lights, viewing conditions weren't ideal, but I discovered that I could get incredible images with a webcam and stacking software.

Since then, I moved to the wide open skies of southern Colorado with my wife, opened an astronomy retail store in Durango, and began designing roll-off roof observatories, and manufacturing customized steel piers. My own personal observatory is 14x26 with a warm room, housing four telescopes that have been accurately aligned so that celestial objects stay centered in the eyepiece or camera over long periods of time.

Before I began designing and installing observatories professionally, I was in the information technology industry performing project management and technical sales for web software. My experience as project lead for customers ranging from HP to Telecomm Italia, strengthened my ability to develop solutions that integrate usability and technology.

Having stargazed since I was a boy in Indiana, I can honestly say it never gets old.

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