Observatory Solutions specializes in home and professional observatories. We provide observatory project management services — from determining the observatory and telescope equipment through sales, installation, and hands-on training.

What We Do

We've successfully managed over 50 observatory project installations across the U.S., developing customized solutions that integrate site design, observatory style, and equipment configuration.


We are an authorized dealer for quality observatories, telescopes, mounts and piers. Our team works closely with manufacturers and vendors to schedule and coordinate delivery dates for your observatory project according to your construction timeline. The observatory workflow process generally takes several months, so be sure to contact us during your initial concept phase or the very beginning of your observatory project so we can do our best to complete your installation by your expected target date.


With our knowledge and expertise in this highly specialized field, we can advise you on your observatory site, dome or roll-off roof selection, and telescope equipment. We can also assist you with remote viewing and astrophotography.

We also have the construction experience to team with your architect or builder. We perform physical site reviews and construction plan reviews to ensure that building specifications meet appropriate requirements for the observatory and telescope system that will be installed .

Installation & Training

We provide supervision and guidance of your crew to properly assemble the dome and install the electronic components. We thoroughly test the dome, making sure the rotation and shutter operate smoothly in both manual and mechanized modes. We also install the pier, mount, and telescope, and perform a rough polar alignment of the system before the telescope is mounted. Once the telescope is installed, we test the entire system and complete the final polar alignment. We can also test the dome's automation software and its integration with your telescope system.

We offer personalized on-site training that includes how to operate and maintain your dome, and how to use your telescope and accessories, including astrophotography equipment.